Monthly Specials

Wellness Classes

Our Wellness Classes will be a series of classes based on mind, body and energy healing. Each week there will be a different focus on the body and its energy. These classes will be given on Friday mornings at 10am and Saturday mornings at 9am. The fee is $15 for each class.

Stamina Class-Offered every Friday morning

Stamina is vital for staying active throughout the day, both physically and mentally, without fatigue. This theme is focused on boosting energy levels and stamina.

Serenity Class-Offered every Saturday morning

In order for our bodies and minds to function well, it is essential that we focus on correct breathing and relaxation techniques. Whether you’re an athlete looking for a competitive edge or someone who struggles with sleep, anxiety, or depression, this theme will teach you how to reach that state of tranquility, concentration, and calmness.

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Vision and Hearing Enhancement Through Acupuncture

While there are many factors that can contribute to having eye sight or hearing issues, all of those conditions respond well to Acupuncture. It has been sucessfully used to treat a wide variety of eye and ear problems for centuries.

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Relaxation Techniques

Many people find it challenging to quiet the mind. When the mind wonders it can affect your concentration and your sleep quality. There are ways to train your mind and body so you can reach to a higher level of awareness and inner calmness.

Practice mindfulness in your everyday life.

Learn how to quiet your mind with relaxation techniques.

Private Lesson available upon request.