Knowing what type of insomnia you are experiencing can help us provide the most effective treatment for you. Here is a list of pattern:

- I have difficultly falling asleep

- I wake up early and can’t go back to sleep

- I have excessive dreaming during sleep

- I can’t sleep at all

- I wake up often during the night

Based on the causes, an acupuncturist will choose specific acupuncture points to address the root causes of insomnia. In addition, when you receive an acupuncture treatment, your nervous system begins to calm down. The acupuncture needles, once inserted to the selected acupuncture points, will unravel your subconscious stresses, balancing your energy, and releasing the causes of your insomnia. Frequently, patients even fall asleep on the treatment table. We have been told that after acupuncture treatments, patients sleep the best the first night after an acupuncture treatment; however, each person responds to the treatment differently. Overall, the treatments improve the quality of sleep. It normally takes several acupuncture treatments per week, for several weeks to fully resolve chronic insomnia. We usually re-evaluate after eight acupuncture sessions.