Fertility Support

Fertility Support:

Fertility is a complicated part of being a woman, and acupuncture and herbal medicine are gentle methods that can guide you through the process. Since fertility is an issue that affects both men and women, we also treat men who are experiencing fertility problems. It can be frustrating trying to conceive, only to find out that things are not happening as quickly as you wish. Acupuncture has been known to help enhance fertility by restoring the body to a balanced state. Patients are encouraged to try acupuncture treatments before investing time and money into an in vitro program. In addition, acupuncture can be used as an adjunct treatment to IVF/IUF or other fertility treatments. In fact, recent studies have discovered that acupuncture, when used in conjunction with IVF, can increase a woman’s chance of successfully conceiving and carrying a baby up by 50% than those who didn’t use acupuncture. In our clinic, the successful rate has been highly satisfying.