BioEnergetic Assessement and Balancing

Acupuncture is a science that works with the "energetic" system of the body.

The human body is biochemical (physical). It has an electrical component and also an energetic aspect as well. TCM focuses on promoting balance of the energy within the body. Jing Luo (meridians) are the channels in the body through which the Qi/energy flows. Xue (acupuncture points) are the points on the surface of the skin that connect to the Jing Luo (meridians). The acupuncture meridians are a communication and energetic flowing network.

“Energetic”, in this sense, is a somewhat elusive term. Yes, the meridians do have some form of energy, but it is not electricity. It is important that you keep this fact in mind. To measure this energetic flow, Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll, EAV procedure established by Dr. Voll in 1954, can be applied. There is a bio-physiological phenomenon that occurs when you run electricity through the acupuncture points. The electrical flow (conductance) gives us an indication of the energetic health status of the meridian that we are testing. For example, if you are testing the Liver Meridian with an EAV instrument, the meter will give an indication of the Liver Meridian's energetic status. Remember, energetic is not electrical, but we can use electricity to indirectly measure the energetic system.  Based on that theory, we provide BioEnergetic Meridian Assessment & Balancing.  With advanced technology developed EAV system we can assess the energetic state and detect the imbalance of the meridians. After the assessment we will help the body to restore balance by providing acupuncture treatments, food and herbal therapy, and Qi Gong exercise.