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Wellness Classes

Stamina  (30 minutes)

Wednesday July 26th at 10am

Serenity  (30 minutes)

Saturday July 29th at 9am



Our Wellness Classes will be a series of classes based on mind, body and energy healing. Our Serenity Class and our Stamina Class are two of our Wellness classes that focus on the body and its energy. These classes will be given on Wednesday mornings at 10am and Saturday mornings at 9am. The fee is $15 for each class.

The Serenity Class. A combination of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and yoga. It will help you create a sense of serenity, along with better concentration and clear mindedness. It will also promote an increase in energy and vitality. This class is offered Saturdays at 9AM.

The Stamina Class.  Through breathing exercise,  Qi Gong, Tai Chi and yoga poses, the class is designed to boost energy level and stamina. This class is offered on Wednesday at 10AM.

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Core Fusion Class with Kim

The "Core Fusion" class will be focusing on strength using resistance bands, therapy balls and your own body weight to improve your overall strength - focusing on a strong core.   All are welcome.


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